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U too can Le Le! Our family Ukulele

July 25, 2016

LeleAn orange sun sets over a beautiful Hawaiian Beach. The water gently crashes against the sand. A hula dancer gracefully makes waves with her hands, side to side.

What’s the soundtrack you can hear when you picture that scene? I’m sure it’s the ting ting ting of a Ukulele.

While a holiday there would be great, back to reality in Brisbane now, I recently attended a Ukulele beginners class.

Now, while I played the flute at school, I have never picked up a guitar or anything with strings before, so I was slightly nervous. However I got my own bright yellow Ukelele and a two hour lesson on how to play some of Evie’s favourite nursery rhymes.

And now – well, my daughter thinks I’m Hendrix!

Even if moving my fingers from C to G7 makes me look like a confused mongoose and makes me go cross-eyed, it’s really just the strumming and singing that gets her grinning and clapping along.

You see music and nursery rhymes  are great for rhythm, rhyme and repetition. This combined with the natural endorphins that flow from listening to music can be a wonderful combo for your family.

In fact, a long term study of children in Australia, found that there was a partial  association between shared home music activities and supporting children’s development.

Plus, it’s a hoot!

My favourite song I can nail is “Shake your sillies out,” but I’m still working on Vance Joy’s “Riptide” which is also in the book for those with more dexterity.

Our yellow ukulele has now become part of our fun at home and when I showed my partner Nick he actually picked it up and started professionally picking “X” much to Evie’s excitement.

Who knew he had a hidden talent I wasn’t aware of.

Don’t forget even if you don’t have an instrument at home you can always sing with your baby to get the benefits of rhythm, rhyme and repetition into your daily activities.

It’s that easy – just have fun with it!

Jessica, mother of Evelyn aged 10 months