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Tips to share: Wombat stew

August 08, 2017

Like Possum Magic this book introduces a crew of Australia animals to explore. Throughout the story, the animals suggest something to add to Dingo’s stew. Platypus throws in mud, straight from the waterholes he lives in. Blue Tongued Lizard suggests his favourite food of flies and koala contributes gumnuts from her treetop home. This gives you and your little ones so much to talk about as you share the story.

At the back of the book is the sheet music for the repeated wombat stew, wombat stew phrase. It is great fun to sing this part and you can even make up your own tune if you want to.

Play around with making your own pretend stew at home. What will you put in the pot? Sticks, leaves, dirt, shells and other materials you find in your backyard are all you need. What song will you sing while you stir? You could write out the recipe together. It’s great to give little children crayons, pencils or chalk and the opportunity to have a go at writing. You can also write the words to the recipe so they can see you writing.

Raid your recipe books and find a simple recipe to create together. What are the ingredients? What steps do you have to follow? Measuring, mixing and preparing provides lots of great opportunities to chat and play.

Check your local library for children’s recipe books you can borrow for free.