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Tips to share Tortoise and the hair by P. Crumble and Louis Shea

April 15, 2019

You may already know about the tortoise and the hare and so may your child. Have a chat about whether this one will be the same.

You’ll notice this book contains lots of rhyming words. Children from a very young age love hearing and experimenting with rhythm and rhyme and by sharing books like this one we can help them build an understanding about how language works. Point out and talk about the words that sound the same at the end. Eg guitar/superstar, green/seen, wig/big. Can you spot any others?

As you leaf through, you’ll notice some words are printed bigger than others. Eg His favourite wig could not be seen!! Talk about why the words are big. Are we supposed to notice them more?

You can also enhance learning by talk about unusual words that appear in the book and using the story and the pictures to help your child understand what they mean. Words like rendition, mellow, quiver and adored are good ones to flesh out.


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