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Tips to share: Time for bed

July 26, 2017

Time for bed is a favourite here at First 5 Forever!

Unlike The Wonky Donkey which encourages us to be active and loud, this one is a great quiet time or bedtime story.

It’s also a good one to read over and over. As your child becomes familiar with the rhyme and rhythm of this book, pause and let them fill in the gaps. They might surprise you with how much they remember!

If you have an active toddler, you can add in some movement and actions to get them involved and help them understand the story. Try some of these ideas:

  • turn out the lights to talk about “darkness is falling all over the house”
  • read the book by torch light
  • look out the window, or go outside to see the stars
  • take turns whispering a secret

Visit your local library and look out for more great children’s books.