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Tips to share: The Magic Hat

August 02, 2017

“Oh, the magic hat, the magic hat…”, what a magical book you are to share! The magic of Mem Fox’s rhyming words, the magic of Tricia Tusa’s engaging illustrations make The Magic Hat one of those super special picture books you will want to share over and over again. The more you read it, the more you see, the more you hear and the more you want to get lost in its magic.

If this is the first time you’ve shared this book with your little one, when you look at the front cover ask them what they think the magic hat will do? Do the pictures give them any clues? What would they like a magic hat to do if they had one? As you move through the book with the magic hat ask your little one to predict what it will turn the people into each time. Do the words on the page give them a clue? Can it be a monkey if it has to rhyme with balloon? This book provides a great opportunity to talk about rhyming words and the different names animals can have. How are a monkeys and baboons similar? How are they different?.

Near the end of the book when the wizard is moving with “a skip and then with a hop” you and your little one can match your actions to the words. How do we hop? How do we skip? What do we do when the wizard holds up the sign that says “STOP”?

To extend this exploration you could Google baboons or borrow a non-fiction book from your local library to explore the differences.