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Tips to share The bear went over the mountain by Louis Shea

April 15, 2019

This is another book that encourages you to combine sharing a story with singing — a great early literacy combo! Sing the words and encourage your little one to sing with you however they can. For babies and younger toddlers, slow right down, as this will help them hear all the sounds and gain confidence in having a go too.

Encourage your little reader to join in with the repeated phrase beginning with Golly Gosh. The more interactive you can make your shared story time, the better the environment for learning. One way you can do this is to pause each time you come across “what do you think he saw?” Invite your companion to predict what the bear saw.

Another way you can enhance the reading experience is to explain unfamiliar or difficult words. In this book, you could ask what your child thinks the words ‘creative’, ‘plunder’ or ‘chameleons’ mean. Instead of skipping over them, use the pictures and the story to explain them.