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Tips to share: Possum Magic

July 25, 2017

Possum Magic by Mem Fox is a great book to kickstart conversations about Australia’s great number of unique animals. Talk about what they are called (dingo, kangaroo, echidna, possum), how do they move (hop, run, slither)?, what noise do they make?

What does the word invisible mean? Try playing invisible games. Find a toy and ask your child to close their eyes, then hide it. Is it now invisible? Can they find it? You can take turns to continue the fun.

Possum Magic is also a great story to explore all of our favourite foods. Who likes Anzac biscuits or vegemite sandwiches? Have you ever tried a lamington? It’s great to use books as a way of talking to children and expanding what they know. What are your child’s favourite foods?

For older children, you could use a map of Australia or google one to see all the places Hush visits. Where do you live? Find on the map where Grandma Poss and Hush go to find all of that yummy human food. Where’s Perth and Darwin or Brisbane? How far is it from where we live?

Here We Go Round the Lamington Plate – can you sing the song together? What other songs like this do you know? Do you know Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush? Storytime doesn’t always have to be at night time or quiet time. You can create great play activities with books by having some fun with the story and getting children involved. This is when the best learning takes place.

For more great children’s books, visit your local library.