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Tips to share: Pig the Pug

July 29, 2017

Pig the PugPig doesn’t look like a pig, he looks more like a dog. But the title says Pig’s a Pug. What on earth is a pug?

This is another fun and fabulous read from Aaron Blabey that will have you and your little ones in stitches. Laugh together at Pig and Trevor’s crazy antics, hilarious expressions and very important learnings.

Pig the Pug is a great way to learn new words and funny expressions. “Pig flips his wig” – what does that mean? Do you think Pig is happy? There are lots of fun, new words to chat about like loot, scoot, greedy and selfish.

After a rollercoaster ride of rhyming words, the story finishes with a lovely message about sharing. Sharing for littlies is really tricky and this is a great way to start talking about, and playing around with the idea of taking turns.

And of course, Pig has plenty more adventures and important lessons to share, so don’t forget to look out for more Pig the Pug stories at your local library.