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Tips to share: Pig the fibber

August 08, 2017

Pig the Pug is back and is cheekier than ever. You’ll be giggling at the end papers (these are the pages inside the front and back covers) before you even start the story. Talk about the scribbled out label with your little one. Tell them what a book plate is and how Pig has tried to make the book look like his. Ask them what they think it means that Pig is a fibber? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

While Pig the Fibber has all the great rhyme and rhythm you would expect from Aaron Blabey, another thing to explore are all the different types of print you’ll find in the book. There is Trevor’s name on his dog bed, his name on his tag, the label on the wedding dress box and the name on the dog biscuit packet in the cupboard. What are all these different types of print used for? Where else can you find words around your house? Why are they there? Next time you are out and about, look out for signs, labels and letters. Talk about these with your children. Understanding why and how we use words to give a message is such an important aspect of early literacy learning.

Next time you are at your local library, look out for books with lots of different print. It’s okay to stop reading a book and point out signs, labels or any other print you see in the illustrations that’s bold or different.