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Tips to share If you’re happy and you know it by P. Crumble

March 07, 2019

This book adopts a favourite nursery rhyme and gives it a very Aussie twist.

You can have lots of fun singing this book and doing the actions rather than reading it like a regular story. As you progress through the pages, do your best climbing, digging, twitching, bouncing, flapping, laughing, scratching, snapping, hair spiking and snoozing. It not only makes the experience of sharing the book more fun and interactive for your child, it also helps young children learn new words and reinforce what they already know.

Remember, you don’t need to get through the whole book or read it start to finish. It’s more important to have fun, and make it engaging for your little one.

Point out that there are bigger words on each page and what they mean.

If you have a collection of toy animals or another book with animals in it, pull it out and have a chat about which ones if any, you just sang about. Have a go at making new verses with new animals.

You can extend the learning from this book by checking out some non-fiction titles or attending a free rhyme time session at your local library.


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