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Tips to share: I went walking

July 28, 2017

This book is full of surprises and the best way to share it is to build in plenty of interaction:

  • talk about the pictures
  • guess what might happen next
  • ask questions and make comments

Look to the right of the page and see what clues the illustrator has given you and encourage your child to guess what’s coming next. What could it be? What is it? Is it different to what we thought? Turn the page and see – a great prompt to get real interaction between you, your child and the book.

If your child won’t sit and listen to a story, that’s perfect. We want them to get involved with the book and talk about it! The repetition on each page “I went walking, what did I see…” gives us the opportunity to get active.

  • Take a walk around your room, house or if you are out, use the book as inspiration to go walking and talk about what you see.
  • If you have toy animals, grab a pillow case and find as many of the animals as you can that appear in the story.
  • Encourage your child to go for a walk saying the phrase “I went walking and what did I see”. You can put anything in the pillow case – a book, a toy, a photo, a ball, some bubbles. Children can respond with “I see some… bubbles… please play with me”. Children will be filled with surprise when they pull an item out. Change it up to keep the game fun.

Walk into your local library today and let us know on our Facebook Page what you see and do.