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Tips to share Hush Little Possum by P. Crumble

February 20, 2019

It’s never too early to share stories. Stories that can be sung to a familiar tune are a wonderful introduction to books for newborns as well as older children. Choose a couple of pages or sing the whole book.

Here are some ideas on how you can share Hush Little Possum together with your little one.

Talk about the title

Explain that a lullaby is a sleepy song, one that is quiet and calming. You could explain that it is similar to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. This would make a great bedtime or naptime book.

Point out, expand on new words and add some play to your storytime

Chat about unfamiliar words and show your child what they mean.

“Mama will scurry over the shed.”

Look at the Mama Possum crawling up the roof really fast using her claws. She’s scurrying up there trying to get out of the rain really fast. Can you scurry on the floor? Show me your scurry. Let’s do it together.

And if the tree should start to sway,”

Oh, see how Mama Possum and her baby are swinging backwards and forwards on the tree branch? They’re swaying, going to and fro. Let’s have a go at swaying in the wind.

Have fun and play

“If the sky rumbles like a train”

Play trains by making the rumbling train sound and encouraging your little one to have a go too. Point out the big dark storm clouds in the illustration and talk about the sound the rumbling storm would be making. Talk about a time you may have heard rumbling during a storm.

Learn about rhyming words

Point out the words that rhyme such as cry and dry, train and rain, sway and hay. Point out how each pair sounds the same at the end. The more times you share this book, the more familiar your little one will become with the words and they might start filling in the rhyming words. Pause and wait for a moment to encourage them to have a go.

Your local library will have lots of other books that contain song lyrics that you and your children can sing together. Have a look for Incy Wincy, Row Row Your Boat and The Wheels on the Bus in the children’s section. Time your visit so you can attend a First 5 Forever session. They’re fun, free and family friendly – and you can pick up some more handy tips on making the most of the early years.


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