Book review

Tips to share Home in the Rain by Bob Graham

October 18, 2017

Award winning author Bob Graham makes the ordinary in our lives extraordinary. This is a strong theme for us – as we love to stop and notice the little things we do together that end up mattering a whole lot. Those little encounters – a little chat, giggles over some toppling blocks, a shared nursery rhyme that soothes, a cuddly story time – all add up and count towards a lifetime of benefits.

There are good reasons Home in the Rain won the 2017 CBCA Picture Book of the Year. It is a beautiful commentary on the inter-connectedness of our lives. The story encourages us to look at all the little things in our life and how special they are.

When sharing this story with your little ones talk about all the details in the stunning illustrations. This book can be shared the first time without reading the words. What are all the things you can see? Who do you think are in the cars? Where are they all going?

Point out all the different words you can see – road signs, labels on the bin, Francie’s name on the window, all the different print at the service station etc. There are so many different reasons for us to read and write, so talk about the different purposes for the different writing. Talk to your child and show them how you write their name. How do you write the names of everyone in your family? Can you write on the shower screen like Francie wrote on the car window?

Check out your local library for a copy and share it with your little one today!