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The best learning happens in caring relationships

March 13, 2018

Article submitted by Children’s Health Queensland

Did you know that connecting with your child and having a loving and caring relationship is really important for their brain? Every child is special and unique in their own way. Look for your child’s strengths. Use humour and positive feelings to encourage them and help their development. A great time to develop this relationship is when sharing a book together during the day or at bedtime.


  1. Getting down to your child’s level when talking and playing with them.
  2. Making eye contact with your baby or child.
  3. Responding to your baby’s cues.

Doing this will help build a sense of security for your child.  This will make sure they feel confident to come back to you when they need help and attention.  It is important when they are babies as well as when they are older. This will provide the loving place that is needed to bring comfort and a buffer against hard times. Bonding with your child is key to wellbeing which will help them to learn.

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