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Sharing stories with repetition

June 14, 2017

Children’s books are great to share any time of the day but are especially snuggly and comforting as part of your child’s bedtime routine.

If you imagine what this looks like, you’re bound to think of a child listening quietly, maybe nodding off while you read a story from start to finish. But young children love to be involved and learn a lot from the interactions they have between you and the story. Plus, the more your child is involved in the story, the more likely they are to develop and sustain a love of books and reading.

This means lots of stopping and starting, answering questions, making comments about the pictures and making silly sounds together to go along with the characters. It also means you don’t need to finish the book or even start at the beginning. Depending on the age of your child, you can take their lead on what to read and how they’d like the story to be shared.

One idea is to choose books that have lots of repetition – your child will delight when they can join in as they become more familiar with the story.

The Hairy Maclary series by Lynley Dodd are great examples of books that are full of repetition. The adventures and mishaps of Hairy Maclary and his animal friends can be enjoyed by young and old and the series will allow your child to anticipate what’s coming next and join in with the story. Don’t forget to pause and wait for your child to have a go!

Ask your local library if they have a copy of these books or books with similar repetition. There are many in the series.