Sharing a book with your kindy kid

May 17, 2016

Woman and baby girl reading on bedSo often kindy aged children have strong opinions about what they like and don’t like including books.
If books are not always on the “liked” list, try some of these ideas when next sharing a story with your child.

  • Point out the front of the book and the title. Have fun guessing what might happen in the story.
  • Comment or highlight any interesting text when reading and sharing the story such as bold print, large print or speech balloons. What do they say?
  • Help children understand the story: Who were the characters? Was there a problem?, What was the action or outcome?
    Connect the story to your child’s own experiences. ‘Remember when you had a birthday party and blew out all those candles!
  • Explain tricky words and what they mean. If we just read the words without stopping, we miss the opportunity that books provide to learn and understand new words. You might need to explain the word, show a picture or a real object to give your child the chance to learn and understand new words.
  • Point to the words as you read. Talk about the words and the pictures; show the child where you start reading by pointing to the words and following along with your finger; comment on words that are long or short or those that start with a particular letter or sound.
  • Clap out the syllables in words and comment if words rhyme as this gets children thinking about the smaller parts of words and helps them focus on what we hear – the sounds and not just the letters

Remember, regularly sharing stories and just talking about the books your child shows an interest in, are great opportunities to learn new words and build on their language before they start school. Don’t forget to visit your local library to find more books that you and your child will enjoy.