Neurons that fire together wire together

January 23, 2019

When the First 5 Forever team visited a University of Queensland neuroscience laboratory to film a video about early brain development, we talked to Associate Professor Mike Piper about the critical role parents and extended family have as ‘brain builders’.

A neuroscientist and dad of two, Mike showed us neurons under the microscope and explained what happens when a child’s brain is developing.

Showing us a few different slides, he said that neurons that fire together, wire together and parents and caregivers can have an enormous impact on helping their child form lifelong connections when their growing brains are developing at their fastest.

But he assures us it’s not something we need to be daunted by. It’s the simple (and free) things that count the most. It’s the daily shared moments of connection and interaction – the singing of nursery rhymes, the storytimes, the conversations you share – that will make all the difference. So don’t wait, make today’s everyday moments count.