Making a photo book to create conversations

November 11, 2016

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Young children LOVE looking at books with photos of themselves and their families – and with a few low cost materials, you can make one for your child, quickly and easily.

Once made, you’ll not only have a brain boosting activity wherever you go, you’ll also have a special keepsake worth treasuring.

Most importantly though, a photo book will provide unique opportunities to boost your child’s language skills.

You can include cousins on water slides, uncles out fishing, dads riding their bike or family friends at a birthday party. These action happy snaps create wonderful opportunities for conversation and learning.

Take an everyday activity like Grandma watering the garden. This simple image can be a prompt for hundreds of learning opportunities for all ages. Young children can learn words such as “Grandma”, “hat”, “garden”, “flowers”, “sky”; phrases such as “Grandma’s wearing a hat”, “I see red flowers”, “=Grandma’s hose”; along with comments or conversations like “Grandma’s wearing a hat so she doesn’t get burnt. I wear a hat too”, “What other things could grandma plant in her garden?”.

Don’t forget to write some words along with the photos and keep this book in your nappy or going out bag. It will be super handy when waiting for appointments, travelling or visiting friends and family.

Think of all the little conversations this well leafed book will start as your child shares it with you and others.

Try it out and let us know on our Facebook page how it goes.