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Learning while out and about

November 29, 2017

“What’s that Grandpa?”

Reading and following street signs, especially when driving is something most of us do without even noticing it.

One thing you can do to boost your child’s literacy development is to start pointing out street signs and shop notices and create conversations around them. Here’s some ideas on getting started:

  • If there’s a sign you pass regularly, point it out and repeat what it says every time you go past. The repetition will help your child start to recognise how different words and letters look.
  • Point out the different shapes of signs (eg. A stop sign verses a give way sign). Some signs have words (stop, give way, no entry), others have pictures (roundabout, pedestrian crossing). Choose a sign and see if your child can let you know each time they see it.
  • For older children you could sound out the letters: S – T – O – P.
  • Talk about how traffic or pedestrians need to respond and why.
  • Ask your child if they can think of any words that rhyme with the words on the sign. For younger children, help them with some suggestions.
  • See if your child can recognise any letters on the sign.
  • Talk about what colour it is and what other things are the same colour.
  • Make signs together. Let your child have a go at writing the words. Paste them onto some sticks and add them to your play. Use chalk or paths to make roads, add signs, cars and trucks and have fun!
  • Like the popular children’s book, “We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen, you could go on a sign hunt! What are all the different signs? What are they used for?