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Kids in the kitchen

October 02, 2018

Little children love helping their important grownups in the kitchen. It’s not only fun, but spending time together to cook and prepare meals provides great learning opportunities. With your help, your child can build on a range of developmental skills ranging from numeracy to literacy.

Here’s some ideas to get your little one involved:

  • Scrub or wash fruit and vegetables together. Talk about and name the foods as you go.
  • Ask your child to bring you your ingredients as you cook e.g. Can you please get two bananas from the fruit bowl? They may not be able to safely access everything but even talking about where in the kitchen different items live (eg the milk is found in the fridge and the spices in the spice drawer) is great for learning.
  • For fruit and veggetables, you can talk about how they are grown and which ones grow underground or on trees or vines.
  • Get your little one to help measure ingredients. Talk about the different ways to measure and what the sizes mean.
  • Make patterns with salads or when threading kebabs.
  • Read the recipe aloud and point out each step as you progress. Look for children’s cook books at your local library for age appropriate recipes.
  • Give your child a go at mixing or kneading ingredients. Talk about what the different words mean eg. mix, fold, knead, whisk.
  • Talk about rules and kitchen safety.
  • Include your child in the clean up!