It’s never too early to talk with your children.

November 17, 2015

happy young mother playing with her baby boy

No matter how busy we are, the simple fact is, children learn best by spending time with us. We don’t need to feel the pressure of constantly organising activities. Babies and young children learn best by listening and interacting with us during our everyday activities – whether that’s talking about what we see on our way to the park, singing nursery rhymes, pointing out something we see out the window, or learning new words while shopping for groceries. Simply talking with our children and responding to them helps them learn to communicate. A 1995 study by child psychologists Betty Hart and Todd Risley proved how vital the link between a parent’s language and a child’s vocabulary can be.

So, it’s the daily talking and engagement between you and your child, as you go about your day, that helps to create more pathways in the brain. These everyday interactions help your child to learn, and it provides more opportunities for communication skills to grow.

Plus, as an added bonus, talking and responding to your child enhances that special bond between your child and you!

Read the Hart-Risley study – The Thirty Million Word Gap