Hotter/colder game - play and learn with your little one

January 10, 2018

This game may already be familiar but have you ever played it with your child? The hotter/colder game is a great one for learning new words and building on communication and problem solving skills.

How to play

You can play this at home or at the park.

  1. Choose a toy and talk about the game you’re about to play. Explain that you’ll hide the toy in a secret place and that there’ll be clues along the way to find it.
  2. Hide the toy in a spot that won’t be too challenging at first.
  3. Ask your child to look for the toy and use as many different words as you can to give clues on their progress. You can use cold, cool, chilly, colder, freezing, frozen when far away and as your child gets closer warm, warmer, hot, hotter, boiling, sizzling.
  4. Give your child a big hooray and a hug when they find it and swap roles so your child has a turn at hiding something.

Happy hunting!