Great tips for sharing books with young children

March 24, 2016

A father reading a bedtime story to his kidsNext time you pick up a book with your child, make the most of the opportunity. Here are some ideas to help make book sharing a fun, everyday activity.

  • Keep books where your child can access them, and take their lead when selecting one to share.
  • Pack a few for your outings and pull them out when you’re waiting for an appointment or stop for a bite to eat.
  • Talk about the pictures your child shows interest in or points to.
  • It’s not a race to the finish! Spending more time on a page that interests your child is better than speeding through from start to end.
  • Use your own words to talk and ask questions about what’s happening on the pages.
  • Books that encourage children to participate are perfect for young children: lift the flap; books with noises, or having objects that help tell the story are great to get children involved.
  • Reading the same book over and over might be boring for us, but it’s great for children’s learning. We often find, the more familiar the book the more the child gets involved.
  • If we just read the words without stopping, we miss the opportunity that books provide to learn and understand new words. Explain tricky words and what they mean. You might need to explain the word, show a picture or a real object to give your child the chance to learn and understand new words.

Remember, keep it fun for both of you.