Get Grandparents Involved

December 11, 2015

boy playing with his grandparents

Let the grandparents in your life know that sharing stories and rhymes, singing, talking, and playing with their grandchildren is not just fun, but good for little brains too.

Grandparents have a wonderful opportunity to complement parents in providing learning opportunities for young children when they engage in everyday activities.  Grandparents can often have access to that most important commodity – time.  However even the busiest grandparents can take advantage of any time they spend with their grandchildren to make learning fun.  Grandparents have their own unique relationship with their grandchildren and having that variety of interaction and how things are done with Grandma or Pop provides opportunities for babies and toddlers to hear new words and experience different things. Here are some ideas but the opportunities are endless.

  • Everyday activities: Let grandparents know that talking about what they’re doing around the house, including children in everyday activities like shopping, gardening or cooking, are great opportunities to interact with their grandchild and boost opportunities for language.  Talk about what you see in the supermarket, point out labels or signs, make lists together (you can use pictures and words.)
  • Share old favorites: Grandparents remember what they read or sang with you as a child. Sharing books or singing favourite nursery rhymes are fun for young children whilst providing lots of opportunities to learn.
  • Telling stories: Children benefit from hearing stories told as well as sharing books with you. Don’t forget to stop and talk about what you see and what the story is about.

Children learn best from the important people around them.

Contact your local library for more ideas and tips.