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Footy season and learning opportunities

June 07, 2019

Early literacy and footy aren’t usually strung together in the same sentence, but if you’re a big fan of any sport, there are oodles of opportunities to use this passion to help your child develop their early literacy skills. Here’s a few:

  • When poring over the sports pages, talk with your child about what you’re doing, who your favourite players are and why.
  • Point out the names and numbers on jerseys and talk about why they are used.
  • Talk about the rules and explain them as you watch the game together.
  • If you are reading your favourite sports’ magazine, share this with your little one. Point to and talk about the pictures. Non-fiction texts are just as important to share as picture books – they usually have great technical vocabulary to explain.
  • Set up a mini-game in your backyard or at the park and reenact the match.
  • On special days, see if your child can find clothes that match your team colours. Can they find or name other things in the same colours?