"Chatter Matters" - the SPEAK app

November 17, 2015

SPEAK stands for Speaking Promotes Education and Knowledge so it’s more than just learning how to talk, it’s learning how to learn. This free app is for everyone in the community who wants the best start for their child as it provides fun ideas and activities for families to support their child’s communication development. SPEAK is a free app produced by Queensland Department of Education and Training as a joint initiative with Queensland Health and Redland City Council.

Research supports the importance of oral language, not only as the foundation for the development of literacy skills but also a strong indicator of later reading, writing and overall academic achievement. As we know from First 5 Forever, researchers around the world agree that when parents are involved in their child’s development it really can have a positive impact, and interacting with your children in ways that interest them is the first step on your child’s learning journey.

To support parents in building a strong foundation in oral language for their children, the SPEAK app provides a large variety of free fun activities, ideas and information to nurture communication in children from 0-6 years of age. This focus on the early years is exactly when research tells us that talking and interacting with children can make a significantly positive impact on brain development and a child’s future learning.

Plus SPEAK has an emphasis on common handy household items as resources, as well as activities based on every day events like shopping, car rides and eating. All ideas are presented by age group or by type of activity so it’s easy to find information that relates to you and your child. There are plenty of links to provide you with more information.

Download the app and explore all the ways that you can be an important part of your child’s future.

“Chatter matters – make it happen”

Visit the Speak app website for a fact sheet and more information.