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January 08, 2018

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September 2018

  • Bath time fun
  • Indigenous Literacy Day
  • Attach a buggy book and learn on the move

August 2018

  • Slow, slower and repeat
  • Learning from animals
  • Book Week awards and celebration
  • Alison Lester comes to Brisbane Writers Festival!

June 2018

  • Talk, sing, read all about it! First 5 Forever to continue
  • Asking and answering questions to build thinking skills
  • Premier’s Reading Challenge
  • Learn a new rhyme: I’m a little kitty

May 2018

  • Singing rhymes to build brains
  • Choosing the right books
  • Getting more out of your shared reading time
  • Congratulations to our winners!

April 2018

  • Nature Play special

March 2018

  • Have fun and learn with listening games
  • Label your home to build print awareness
  • 8 books to look for at your library this Easter

February 2018

  • Your local library
  • Conversation is powerful
  • Fire up little brains with sorting games
  • Things you can do now to prepare your child for school
  • The best learning happens in caring relationships

January 2018

  • Taking out the bins
  • When does the magic of reading really happen?

December 2017

  • What to do in the holiday season
  • Take the storytime pledge

November 2017

  • Warm weather ideas with little ones
  • Ordinary activities for extraordinary learning
  • Learning while out and about
  • Fun with puppets
  • Storytime in the library
  • Summer reading club

October 2017

  • Where you can spot First 5 Forever in your community
  • 5 ways to make your day at the match a learning experience
  • Why singing nursery rhymes shouldn’t be a thing of the past
  • Tips to share CBCA Picture Book of the Year Home in the Rain

August 2017

  • Make your child’s first card a library card
  • 7 ways to use ordinary objects for extraordinary learning
  • 50 books to read before five
  • Rediscovering your library via the children’s section (parent blog)

July 2017

  • Getting grandparents involved
  • Hanging the washing with four little helpers (parent blog)
  • Great Australian picture books and how to share them

June 2017

  • Winter warmer book suggestions
  • Sharing stories with repetition for more opportunities to learn
  • Early literacy ideas for little ones
  • “But, why?” Why those curly questions matter

May 2017

  • Neuroscientist and dad explains how daily interactions with your child have an enormous impact

April 2017

  • Celebrate the huge contribution Mums make on Mother’s Day
  • 5 brain boosting things you can do while you wait
  • Mealtimes matter
  • Enlist your little helpers for your next DIY project

March 2017

  • Talking to children in difficult times
  • Learn about body parts with fun games the whole family can play
  • Learning to share with picture books (parent blog)
  • Understanding emotions through books

February 2017

  • Why play is important for babies and young children
  • But my child doesn’t like books: super practical tips on how to nurture a love of books for even the most reluctant readers.
  • Brain boosting activity: preparing a family meal
  • Adding fun movement activities to your routine

January 2017

  • The most important thing in raising a child is closer to home than you might think
  • Taking out the bins — simple everyday tasks create learning opportunities
  • When does the magic of reading really happen?

December 2016

  • Research shows dads read differently
  • What your local library offers families
  • Caring for pets— an opportunity to create conversations
  • Why story repetition is so important
  • Tips for making bath time a brain building time

November 2016

  • Busy schedule? Squeeze brain building into your regular routine
  • Photo competition winners
  • Slowing down wins the race
  • Making photo books to boost opportunities to learn
  • Summer story time

October 2016

  • Every day is filled with fun ways to help little brains grow
  • Pushing the swing from the front to maximise your play experience
  • Tips on sharing books with preschoolers

September 2016

  • Your child still needs nursery rhymes
  • 10 books to read before five
  • The importance of grandparents
  • Getting dressed: an opportunity to learn new words

August 2016

  • Story Time in the library
  • Playing an instrument with kids (parent blog)
  • Baby talk