Brain building activity for toddlers and preschoolers - Caring for pets

December 23, 2016
Young children bathing the family dog

Young children bathing the family dog

Giving your child what they need to learn and develop doesn’t need to be a special exercise. In fact, it’s the activities we do every day that provide the best food for growing little brains.

Caring for pets

Involving children in everyday tasks not only gets the job done but creates amazing learning opportunities. That’s a win win situation! A good example is giving the dog a bath (but you can apply similar principles to any household task).

  • Talk with your child before you’re about to wash the dog and how you are going to do it – it’s fun to ask children for their ideas.
  • Chat about the temperature of the water and whether it’s too hot or too cold?
  • Soap and shampoo make bubbles and lather so provide heaps of opportunities to name and label each step as you go.
  • Have a laugh about how the dog acts when the bath is finished. Try and guess when the dog will shake itself dry.
  • Feel the change in the towel together, or the smell as you dry the dog. In the amazing world toddlers live in – noticing and highlighting the small things is so important.
  • Afterwards talk about washing the dog with friends and families as a story – you can even link the memory or experience to a picture book later on, or the next day.