Brain boosting activity for toddlers and preschoolers - Playing outside

October 07, 2016
Mother pushing baby Olliver's swing

Pushing the swing from the front can transform the experience

Playing Outside

Have you ever tried to push a swing from the front? It can be tricky but the rewards are well worth it. By pushing from the front, you see the joy in your child’s face, the excitement as they move to and fro and most importantly, you engage, interact and can create conversations – conversations that may be just sounds to begin with but can quickly turn into exciting adventures.

A lot can change just by being in front of your child where they can pull you into their joy. You can hold the swing and say “ready, set….. pause”!

What does your child do or say? You can ask if they want to be pushed “higher”, “slower” or “faster”. Or even with a little “wobble”. All these words are little conversations that contribute to shared joy that boosts your child’s learning and expands their vocabulary.