4 simple swaps to boost your child’s learning

August 19, 2016
Baby playtime at Cunnamulla Library

Mum Jess shares a book with baby Lincoln at Cunnamulla Library

  1. Don’t just read stories, share stories.

    Sit next to your child when sharing stories. Look for their reactions and share the surprise, wonder and hilarity with them.

  2. Make everyday activities a learning experience for your child.

    Cooking, cleaning, even writing the shopping list are perfect times to talk to your baby or young child. There are lots of new words they can learn.

  3. Stop, pause, linger. Don’t finish the book.

    Yes that’s right! You don’t need to read a book cover to cover with young children. Take your child’s lead when it comes to sharing a story and stop when they see a picture or word that interests them. You can then ask questions and talk about how the book relates to their day or what’s going on in their world. You may only get through a page or two but it’s the shared experience and positive interaction that matters.

  4. Multitask. Make bath and travel time song time.

    Babies and young children learn a lot from simple nursery rhymes and songs. They love songs with actions and singing them really helps with language development. Try Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Open Shut Them, Incy Wincy Spider, The Wheels on the Bus, Where is Thumbkin and Five Little Ducks. If you need a little help remembering the words, head down to your local library’s Rhyme Time session for a memory jog. And as an added bonus, you get to meet and socialise with other parents and carers in your community with similar aged children.