Is it time for a story? Story time can be any place and any time! Sharing stories is fun for you and your child, and really good for little brains as well. Watch to find out why sharing stories with your child is such a big part of First 5 Forever. Watch the video
Up to 90% of a child’s brain development happens in the first 5 years
In the first 5 years your child is making 700 new neural connections every second
46% of adult Australians cannot function effectively in a knowledge-based economy, due to poor literacy
Getting children what they need from 0-5 is easier and more effective than trying to fix things later
A child’s success at age 10 can be linked to the amount of talk they hear from birth to 3
Up to 90% of children with language problems at age 5 have poor literacy outcomes 10 years later
48% of Australian parents do not often engage their pre-school children in literacy activities
Australia ranked 21st against 45 developed countries in international grade 4 reading
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